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Cone Nebula
Learn how to take stunning images of the night sky including: Galaxies / Nebulae
Globular Clusters / Planets & the Moon
Star trails & Landscape Astrophotography
Welcome to Paul's Astrophotography, a site designed to take complete amateurs through the Astrophotography process and set you up with the basics to further hone your new hobby. As I take images I will be posting the stacked and processed result along with all the relevant information used to take the image including:- the Camera’s settings like ISO, exposure, equipment used etc… With this information the image can be used as a basis to replicate the image to help you to get an understanding of the process. If you are ac omplete beginner then a good place to start is to have a read through the What to Buy Page to familiarise yourself with the sort of equipment you are likely to need to get started in Astrophotography.
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